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Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly has committed his life to professionally assisting teenagers and college students who are struggling socially and academically due to developmental disorders such as Aspergers, and Tourettes.  In the past he has served with HopeReach, an organization in Greenville, SC, which provides quality Applied Behavioral Analytic (“ABA”) treatment to children diagnosed with autism or related developmental disorders. Project HOPE’s pilot program, Hope Academy included children with autism in classrooms with typical peers, using “shadow” aids as necessary. There, Richard served both as a therapist and educational consultant.  With this background he came to Focus Initiative in the Houston area, serving as Social Coach and Lead Teacher of the Academy.  He has a certificate in Leadership for Non-profit Excellence and a certificate in Wrights-law Special Education and Advocacy sponsored by Texas Parent to Parent.  He has used his BS in Communication, his MBA and his entrepreneurial skills to assist multiple high schools in several states in taking their educational programs from a few students to hundreds.  This has provided a great platform to build a company like Amazing Grass, tailored for the average high schooler and college student.

 In America today, 57% of college freshmen will not finish their college degree.  

This statistic is personal for Richard, because his brother, Austin, has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and will naturally face additional challenges as he moves through college to his career.  Through and Richard is addressing this statistic head on by providing an alternative for students who need additional intensive programming to be successful in transitioning into college and/or on to their careers.  Richard resides with his wife and family in Richmond, Texas.

Lisha Vanar 

Lisha Vanar graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992 with a B.A. in Latin American Studies and Economics.  She started her career in advertising with The Richards Group, where she created and managed an in-house color separation subsidiary in Dallas, Texas.  Her first introduction into the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders was with the birth of her son, Martin, in 1999.   Martin was officially diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in second grade.    Lisha is a longtime member of ASPIE of Houston (Asperger Syndrome Parent-Professional Information Exchange.)  She is a current Board Member and has served three consecutive terms providing parent support and education, and reinvigorating the adults through the Asperger’s support group.  Lisha joined Focus Initiative, Inc. in 2009 as a Social Coach and has worked with children and adults, ages 14-28, with a variety of disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, Tourette ’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy.)  She specializes in job coaching has helped many Aspergers adults become gainfully employed and excel in their jobs. Through this coaching, Lisha has seen firsthand the difficulty many individuals have in the work place and through Launch! 
wants to offer a service that someday her son can use. Lisha resides in Sugar Land and has two sons, (Martin, age 12 and George, age 9

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Richard Kelly

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