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The Amazing Grass Company

The Amazing Grass Company is a project for adults with learning issues that may limit their earning potential if they don't transition successfully into their careers.  Most of our workers are not college bound, and need help transitioning into the workforce.  We employ students to work at their pace and learn how to keep up with a professional service team. From manual labor in landscaping to computer repair to coffee shop barista training, your student will get to observe and participate in many sides of employment will give your student new appreciation for his or her academics and career. The goal of the Amazing Grass Company is to combine extensive on-site mentorship, with full-time tutoring, study skills training and paid internship positions across multiple industries. Learn more at 

Richard Kelly 


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We are insured and licensed and can guarantee quality work. We strive to be Sugar Land and Richmond/Rosenbergs premier landscape maintenance service.  We put a priority on the health of your yard, the regular maintenance and keeping your turf and beds free of weeds.  When you call for a free qoute we will:

-Inspect the condition of your yard

-Make recommendations for the chemical and physical maintenance

-Provide a free trim of your driveway and sidewalk approaching the house to demostrate the quality of our service

-Leave a qoute for weekly maintenance

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Richard Kelly

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